The Why

The reasons we are so passionate about what we do.


“If we want children to flourish, to become truly empowered, then let us allow them to love the earth before we ask them to save it.”

— David Sobbel

Would you be surprised to know that every person involved in SilvestreWild is a volunteer? From the Chefs to the producers, to the creative designers, we are a team of individuals donating our time and passions for a cause we’re behind. 100% of all proceeds from SilvestreWild events go to support The Niños y Naturaleza program of Audubon de México. This program is designed to help prepare our children for the environmental and social challenges they are inheriting.

The Niños y Naturaleza program focuses on giving kids the experiences of Discovery, Empathy, Community, and Empowerment. It teaches them to nurture love of life, of animals, of our planet, of ourselves – and blend it with the natural sciences and creative arts, storytelling, gardening, and outdoor adventures to connect children with nature in ways that encourage their sense of wonder and curiosity and develop their empathy for all living beings.

They spend a lot of time outside exploring the world around them, using all of their senses to observe, touch, smell, taste, and listen to nature. They develop new skills, like planting and tending a garden, counting birds for science, considering solutions for trash and water issues, and organizing a cleanup campaign. They go on field trips to enlarge their experiences of the world and to meet people who are working to help nature and our society thrive. They promote questions to encourage curiosity and problem-solving, and apply writing, math, and science skills to a real-world context.

SilvestreWild is part of Audubon de México, a non-profit organization in San Miguel de Allende, a beautiful colonial town in the mountains of central Mexico. We recognize that a healthy environment is critical to the survival of all living beings. Through education, conservation, and recreation we promote environmental stewardship to ensure the welfare of all life in San Miguel de Allende – for today and as a legacy to the generations to come.